Our house, FULL HOUSE.

“None of us were regular market vendors.”

How did this market come about?
We all kind of knew each other and had things we needed to get rid of. We then started a Whatsapp group and the rest was history.

What was the atmosphere like between the vendors?
Each of us really got into the spirit of “Full House, Our House, Your House”. It was really just a time to hang out and connect with other creatives and make some sales while we were at it.

What was sold at the market?
Each vendor sold what they have a lot of. Cayleigh Bright lives and breathes books and had a bookcase worth of books she was willing to part with in aid of charity. She could buy a book for a child’s library for every R10 she earned and ended up making a hefty order from Book Dash.

Other than books there were sneakers, clothing, zines, decor, art, pancakes and of course some sick beats.