Luke Houba recently travelled to India and was kind enough to share these beautiful images with Two Point Oh.

Let us meet Luke.

Tell us a bit more about Luke Houba:
Luke likes a walk (long) on the mountain. More anti-social than some may think and loves a good piece of furniture.

When did you first realize that you are going to pursue photography as a career?
About 6 years ago after realizing pencil drawings seemed to be less lucrative than I thought.

The moments you have captured in India are very soft and have a sense of silence to them, what is your approach when you are entering and capturing public spaces?
Like you mentioned quite accurately, along the lines of a silent observer.
This felt like the most respectful approach, especially when documenting a place that is so culture-rich and such a pertinent factor in a large amount of the world’s compassion and spirituality. I think by also showing my sensibility through my images. Photography gives you that chance…

How do you calm yourself when you are angry?
By reminding myself that anger stems from thought and we are not our thoughts.

What even small or large has changed the course of your life the most?
The process of being able to extract the fruits of the smaller things in life, I think that helps in the filling of the cup.

All photography by Luke Houba