Tell us a bit more about Lo-Ghost:
We’re a cult pop duo from Cape Town, made up of @evan.straussx and @heystrange. We started in around 2016, and we’re generally busying ourselves with a pretty niche brand of alternative pop we’re calling cult pop.

What is the single ‘I’ve Seen All the Ghosts’ about?
Death, really. But you can’t look at death without feeling your own life. You can’t think about what you stand to lose without remembering what you have to lose.

Writing about death is hard. We reach for pithy aphorisms, we grasp for some iteration of the pseudo-profound. There’s a reason for this. We’ve both had our experiences with death, and we’ve found it incomprehensible (there’s one, see?). The best we can do is try to build basic frameworks with language and art upon which to string up some kind of make-shift, rudimentary understanding of the thing – that is, the absence, the negative space. ‘I’ve Seen All The Ghosts’ is one of those frameworks – a reframing of life post-death. ‘We are the post- / We are those who came after’ is a signifier for everyone who has battled through grief and loss. Everyone who is currently busy with the bizarre universal mandate of trying to live some kind of a good life with the sword of Damocles hanging over your head.

We are so excited for the release of ‘Cult Pop’ on 15 November. What was your process behind this album?
We started working on ‘CULT POP’ over a year ago. There were a couple of things we were aiming for. The first thing we wanted to do was write as many songs as possible. So we spent a year being outrageously prolific, writing song after song after song, and then went through a long and painful process of choosing the collection of songs that made sense as a single body of work. The second thing that was important to us was that we wanted to try to inject as much of a live feel as possible into an electronic soundscape. We took a much more live approach to tracking various parts, particularly the guitars and the vocals. We’re really happy with where it landed – it’s gritty, it’s energetic. It’s angry. (which is a pretty accurate representation of us, really). We also wanted to really build this album around big, dirty grooves. So you’ll hear a lot of those.We are so excited for the release of ‘Cult Pop’ on 15 November. What was your process behind this album?

Do you sing in the shower?
If yes, what are your top 3 sing-in-the-shower-songs?

Ha! At the moment? It’s Lizzo all the way. “Juice” and “Good As Hell”. Highly recommended shower repertoire. For more challenging days, we’d recommend The Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Milk Lizard”.

Do you have a hidden dream that you haven’t shared with anyone?
Actually, we both do, as we’ve just found out. 
Shannon: My plan B career is Private Detective. Serious. 
Evan: Game show host. Also serious.
Evan, Survivor vs Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?
Shannon: He actually means Chopped, he speaks of it often.