It’s not often you meet someone as enigmatic and space-holding / embracing as Sylvestre. He is known in Cape Town as a musician whose talent not only speaks for itself but who also engages with everyone on the streets within Cape Town and builds bridges binding people together.

He played ‘Call Me Brother’ and instantly the music video formed around who he is and what his music stands for in its entirety. A need to connect, a desire to form an affiliation – specifically for all those who feel the transitory nature of what is home and it’s ever-shifting parameters. Being from Congo, and having the first-hand experience of the cruelty of Xenophobia, there was first and foremost a need to visually represent the beauty of people creating a community together. The tracklists various African nationalities speak of calling one ‘brother’ and confronts the word ‘kwerekwere’ (a South African slang word negatively prescribed to a foreigner, specifically used for other African foreigners) – a track designed to head-first tackle the unfathomable nature of Xenophobia. Chatting back and forth with Sylvestre, a mutual decision was made to keep the video as naturalistic as possible – no stylized frills and fuss. The intention was to focus on human qualities – Laughter, Shared Joy, Dance, Singing – to illustrate our relation. Friends were called upon, locations were gracious and with a non-existent budget we created a video for ‘Call Me Brother’. An ode to comradeship.

Team Credits
Musician: Sylvestre Kabassidi
Producer & Director: Gabriella Achadinha
DOP & Editor: Elijah Ndoumbé
Camera Assistant & Color Grading: Peter Smuts
Art Department & Camera Assistant: Sphe

With the Assistance of / and with Gratitude to:The Kabassidi Family
Woodstock Friends
Meiga Mali Long Street
Adamou at African Treasure Long Street
Greenmarket Square Vendors
Long Street African Mall
Peter Smuts