Tell us a bit more about Marli:
I’m a twenty-something creative and maker of things. I studied UI and UX design, but have found myself also working  as a graphic designer, photographer, social media manager and stylist. But I ultimately see myself as an entrepreneur, as scary as that is to say out loud 😉 

What made you decide to make these stickers?
I think the stickers came from procrastinating, to be honest! I was in a creative slump and just wanted to do something for the sake of being creative. I sometimes think I take my work too seriously, over-thinking whether what I’m doing is truly reflective of my personal style and is truly meaningful. And although that’s still super important to me, I felt like I needed to take the pressure off of creating so that I could be reminded of why I enjoy being creative in the first place. The stickers seemed like a no-strings-attached creative outlet.

How can people search for these stickers and use them?
I’ve tagged them all with the tag #tiredandtriggered, which you can search for under stickers when creating your Instagram stories. Because the stickers are powered by giphy you can even find them on Whatsapp under your recently used gifs.

What was your inspiration behind the stickers?
I think I was mainly inspired by trying to create a collection of stickers that I would like to use in my own stories. It was actually very freeing to just create without putting too much thought into the meaning and overall aesthetic of the stickers.

Are you finding your dream job or creating it?
It sometimes feels like an uphill battle, but I am 100% creating my dream job! And finding new ways to do it every day.