Copy: Afrika Bogatsu

Tell us a bit more about goodgoodgoodboi.
It’s meant to be Good Boy but every possible variation of username was taken on Instagram.

What or who inspires your work?
The internet and dark humour as a survival strategy.

Talk us through your process.
I get my ideas from anything from an awkward Tinder date to running out of toilet paper and having to use napkins from previous Uber Eats deliveries. I usually forget these ideas and remind myself to jot them down but I forget to do this too. I end up sitting in front of a blank surface and just paint directly onto it with no pre-planning.

What does growth mean to you?
I’m being interviewed by Mandy Nash and Afrika Bogatsu about my terrible little paintings when I was once told that I can’t paint for shit. Lol. Something about proverbial lemons, etc etc?

How would your mother describe you?
Shining star

What do you think about memes?
Self-help guides

What’s your go-to sandwich?
Anything with mayonnaise. Nothing with tuna or pickles.

Is the glass half, half-empty or is there even a glass?
I have so many tin camping cups at home that the previous tenants lefts here. I can never really see how much of anything is left inside. You kind of just have to feel it out – like, don’t put a tin cup on your lap after pouring hot water into it. Where am I going with this?

How can people get hold of you for commissions?
Email or Instagram DM.