Polaroids by Grace Delala

The classic question, first things first, how did Diskotekah come about?
Gavin Mikey Collins:
Diskotekah was born out of our desire to create an alternative queer nightlife space in Cape Town- a space where we felt comfortable enough to express ourselves through music, fashion, art & drag. The initial idea came to us while we were sitting on a beach contemplating the end of the world as we knew it. We decided that instead of being brought down by all the negativity surrounding us we would rather channel it into something beautiful and fun that we could enjoy.
Michael Beaumont Cooper: The lack of glamour was evident. The call rang and we answered it!

How many years has this party been around?
Gavin Mikey Collins:
Our first party happened in a basement in 2014 and we have continued to learn and grow over the past 5 years.
Michael Beaumont Cooper: Five years, can you believe it. It seems like it was yesterday when we were flapping around a basement, painting murals which made no sense, making statements like “I love my Pussy” ala Amanda Lepore and not knowing what we were doing. But look at us now! Nothing has changed!

What is it like collaborating with the same person on a party for so many years?
Gavin Mikey Collins: Intense! No, just kidding. Certain things have become so easy and natural for us that it is so much easier than when we started. We’ve learnt many shortcuts that the creation of the party- the installation, content creation, marketing etc. just flows naturally from us.

Our personalities can be quite polarising at times so there are many things that we don’t necessarily agree on, but we always take the time to hear each other out and make decisions based on what is best for Diskotekah and our growing community.
Michael Beaumont Cooper: Awful!

Tell us more about the theme for this years Hallowqween, DieNasty?
Gavin Mikey Collins:
This is our 5th annual Halloqween event. The theme was inspired by classic soap operas remixed with slasher horror films. We love the camp and drama of both genre’s and thought they’d make a great theme to interpret.
Michael Beaumont Cooper: The themes are never that deep. I guess the depth comes from what you do with it!

Would you say that you are an early adapter or a late adopter?
Michael Beaumont Cooper: It’s not about being early or late! It’s why we did it that’s important to us! Nothing is new and everything has been done before! We pay homage to those before us and recognize the contribution made by others. We just continue to spread the good vibes!

Pick one, texting or phone calls?
Gavin Mikey Collins:
Michael Beaumont Cooper: Phone calls, definitely phone calls!

Gavin Mikey Collins and Michael Beaumont Cooper

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