Opening image and branding: Si Maclennan

Tell us a bit more about the owners of HOT DAYS COOL BOOKS?
Where did the two of you meet and how did you come about this super rad idea of an Instagram bookstore?

We’ve been really good friends for around seven years with many shared interests. A Noguchi sculpture, a pair of sneakers, an episode of Sex and the City and of course books.

At the start of the year, we spent the day on paradise beach. Meghan’s boyfriend Simon was fishing (He caught a shark). We sat under the umbrella jokingly discussing resolutions and hobbies. Somewhere in that conversation was a bookstore. 

Back in Cape Town, we started putting plans in place and at the start of February, we launched Hot Days Cool Books.

The drops are on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
p.s. This is the most hypebeast bookstore ever! 
Any leaks on high steaks books that will be dropped?
We get together once a week to pick images, that we photograph and upload. We are generally working two weeks ahead and change our minds as we go along. 

Two books we are really excited about:
‘On love and death’ by Nobuyoshi Araki. He took incredibly intimate and powerful photographs of his wife, and their beloved cat, at the time of their deaths. You can feel the deep love he had for them 

‘Shona Sculptures’ a comprehensive collection of Zimbabwean sculpture from the late 1980s.

What are your thoughts on “insta-stores” in general?  
We don’t follow many insta-stores but love accounts like Williamcult and Peter Shear.

Instagram should be about good informative pictures. We love sharing the images inside our books. A painting by a South African artist that might not be on the internet otherwise or even just another photo of the Farnsworth house.

What book do you currently have on your bedside table? 
Meghan: ‘Parable of The Sower’ by Octavia E Butler and the new issue of Apartamento magazine

Daniel: ‘Theft by Finding Dairies’ by David Sedaris and ‘Omega and After, Bloomsbury and the decorative arts’ by Isabelle Anscombe

Do you have any rituals when reading? eg Reading the last page first.
Meghan: I never read the preface of a book, especially a novel. It gives too much information and ruins the pleasure of uncovering the story. Also, Daniel doesn’t want to say it, but he memorizes the page numbers where he stops reading and thinks bookmarks are for idiots with a bad memory. I use bookmarks.

Daniel: I don’t arrange books by colour  

Is it too soon to ask “where do you see HOT DAYS COOL BOOKS” in the future?  
Simon helped us with branding. We spent an afternoon cutting out sun and book shapes from coloured paper. The result is really playful imagery that we think represents our approach to the book business

We’re both so excited to see what books we find in the future and how much we will get to learn along the way. Also, we want to make book bags, books ends and bookshelves.

What type of books do you stock  
We stock the books we love. Books that are aligned with our interests – art, architecture, design, fashion, furniture, South Africa.

Are the books new and second hand?  
A few are new but, for the moment, they are mostly second-hand. The idea is just to source wonderful books, whether old or new, from places and people far and wide. It’s the same spirit in which we’ve grown our personal book collections. 

How can your books be browsed and bought? 
If there’s a price on Instagram the book is available. Message us to purchase it. 

We have built a shelf in Daniels Studio in Sea Point. Meghan lives a road away so either of us will happily show you the books in person if you make an appointment. Otherwise for R99 we will post books anywhere in the country

For more information follow @hotdays.coolbooks on Instagram