Film photography: Gavin Mikey Collins

Let’s start by talking parties. Diskotekah was born out of your desire to create an alternative nightlife space in Cape Town, space where you felt comfortable enough to through fashion, art and drag. Gives us the chats on this.
Our initial idea with Diskotekah was to create a party set in post-apocalyptic paradise, and that feels more relevant now than ever! Over the past 5 years of hosting parties, events & performances we’ve watched the Cape Town nightlife scene change and evolve. When we first started DTK there weren’t any cool places to dress up and be creative at night that were queer-friendly, with an open & loving vibe. It’s been an absolute blessing to be able to watch people we know and love (as well as complete strangers) feel themselves in the most creative ways. We are always shook by the amount of creativity and effort people go to in order to express themselves at DTK. The sense of community and connection is something that stays with people and gives them hope & a sense of wonder in a world that can often be very overwhelming.

Our initial idea with Diskotekah was to create a party set in post-apocalyptic paradise, and that feels more relevant now than ever! 

Bazique rang, Diskotekah answered.
Your first Diskotekah party took place in 2014, fast forward and you played at “the last festival on earth”, Bazique.
Bazique this year felt totally different from the 2019 event. Not only because of the change of venue but Diskotekah came with a new attitude. We prepared sickening performances that accompanied DJ Michael’s Dad, a firm fan favourite DTK resident DJ. People responded well to the performances because they appreciated a show and not just a DJ behind a booth.

Can you introduce us to the lovely queens who performed for Diskotekah at Bazique?
The queens for performed are all part of Team DTK (in no particular order)
Queen Sugar Lynch – so sweet she’s good enough to eat 
Lady Pambo (or as she was christened at this years Bazique: Dollysha Mabuso-Suttle) – Fist Lady of Azania- Ready to snatch your weave and the land
Miss Starr- Out of touch, out of tune and out of this World!
SufferK8 –  Drag momager to the DTK queens
And we welcomed two new queens to the stage this year: Chesire & Pussy Lovemore.

Tell us more about the preparation and build-up leading towards the festival.
The initial planning always starts with a chat with Nick Ladd- the organiser of Bazique. We run through the ideas that we each have regarding how to make the best possible Diskotekah stage. This year we worked with Camilla Wilson on the La Fee Verte room to create an iconic Studio 54 inspired Disco stage that included an LED dance floor and massive disco ball installation. Our rehearsals ran once a week for 5 weeks prior to the event with us working on a group number and various duet & solo numbers. We chatted costume & makeup to ensure that we were all cohesive as a group and then we hit the stage 🙂

On Thursday 26 March you hosted your first Instagram live DJ set, with Michael on the decks, SufferK8 and Rene Sans on the performance and Francois on the lighting. Are there more Livestream sets for us to look forward to?
What is next for Diskotekah?
We were really nervous & excited to host our first live broadcast- it was our first time and even though we had some minor technical difficulties we were overjoyed at the response from people. Our intention was to create joy and to distract people from the reality of national shutdown. We will definitely be doing this again soon- check our insta for more details. We’ll also be celebrating our 5th Birthday this year which is going to happen towards the middle of the year (after the shutdown ends). We’re also working on some drag related online content featuring the DTK queens which isgoing to make people gag.