Artwork, song production and editing of video by Gourmet (Alex Pankiv-Greene)

Gourmet is the oddball experimental pop / fuzzfunk artist based in Cape Town and Berlin. Influenced by the ever occurring grooves of world music combined with the nostalgia and catchy nature of pop music. Hard to describe but easy to digest, Gourmet is joined live by intergalactic explorer Thor Rixon for his live performance. Growing up in both South Africa and the UK and now residing in Berlin, Gourmet has submerged himself in an ocean of multimedia influences and doesn’t see limitations when it comes to self expression. While working closely with South African independent 1991, previous tracks have featured co releases on Maison Kitsune (FR) and monthly vinyl subscription service Vinyl Moon (US).

Roxy Caroline was born into a family blues band and learned most of what she knows about music from the womb. Although seemingly unfamiliar, Roxy has worked alongside several artists including the likes of Alice Phoebe Lou, Thor Rixon and funk group Young Yosef between Europe and Cape Town where she resides. Perhaps most notable, is Roxy’s involvement in a number of electronic noise, lo-fi indie and experimental bands including the dreamy collective Hyroine. More recently Roxy has been collaborating with artists Gourmet and Ex Olympic. The latest single from Ex Olympic and Roxy Caroline sees the pair in their first ever collaboration, embracing an eccentric, and somewhat melodramatic lo-fi pop palette of fizzy guitars and unserviced synthesisers, underpinning sweet, cascading vocal melodies. It’s a doozy!