Brendan Witherspoon, also know as blaq kongo, DJ, Producer and Events Organizer has put in a lot of effort into his lifestreams during lockdown doing a beat a week with Mr Blasé. He shared his thoughts on:

  • Are lifestreams a way to supplement an income lost from not being able to do live performances?
  • Do you see the bedroom DJ becoming the only DJ? 
  • If what you are doing does not translate digitally  

There are two types of consumers. Ones consumer says I value the artist and I understand the struggle he’s going through right now, I am happy to help. And then there is another consumer who is like I just love music and whatever it takes I am going to find a way to get to music. 

Those guys are quite different because whilst the fist person might feel the same way as the second person, the second person won’t pay for it.

So, for example I have a livestream and someone knows that they need to pay before they come in they might say “oh well, then I will just go and watch a Boiler Room set cause I can do that for free.