Empty Streets is a song we wrote before lockdown and prior to the pandemic. 
It was written as an ode to feeling overwhelmed in the chaos of the world. It speaks to the tension and anxiety that arises through digesting media and to the difficulties of filtering through propaganda in search of truth.

Since lockdown, it’s clear that the words of the song took on new meaning. The chorus was intended to refer to a quiet, head-clearing walk through small town streets. However, with the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world, it’s obvious that the interpretation of the chorus has quite clearly shifted. Both the quiet walk and global lockdown serve as spaces for contemplation.
The pandemic has introduced a sense of urgency in evaluating our actions that we’d lacked previously.

In the weeks since finishing this song and video, the issue of police brutality and structural racism both at home and abroad has rightly risen to the centre of public dialogue and continues to be an important focal point of our Daily conversation. This song was not written with these times in mind, but it was written about our deep need for self-reflection and self-correction and we feel that now more than before.

Producers: Adrian Culhane & Edward Buxton
Mix Engineer: Vicente Espi of Songololo
Master Engineer: Eldon Quirk of Versed Sound

Music Video:
Editor: Abigael Thompson

Footage: Special thanks to Armand Hough for strapping his camera to is car while documenting South Africa’s National Lockdown and supplying us with his footage.
Thanks to Calvin Thompson & Joshua Rubin for the drone footage of Cape Town and to Henro Mohr & Dirk Van Niekerk for the peformance footage. Thanks to everyone who supplied stock footage we used from Pexels & Artgrid, you’re lockdown heroes.