Interview by Chris Timm

How would you describe your art to someone who has never seen it before?
UM kind of pretty, quite a bit of pink, a little wonky

What inspires you to create art? 
Looking at art, other people making things and university assignments really get me in the mood.

You have such a unique and recognizable style. Is this something you strived towards or something you developed over time? 
I think it’s something I have dealt with over time. It is very difficult for me to accurately capture proportion and because of this my paintings and drawings are always a little bit distorted. This used to bother me but I’ve come to accept that there is nothing I can do about it and I have embraced my inadequacy in this field.  

Some of your older work was mainly drawing, then painting and later sculpting. Are there any other mediums that you are interested in experimenting with?
I think I have painted myself out so recently I have been playing around with more tactile mediums like air-drying clay and expanding foam. I’ve also been enjoying making things that are more usable (jewelry and frames specifically). I want to continue experimenting with creating wearable works because I think it’s nice and good for the soul to have a bit of art on the body. 

How do you keep yourself busy when you aren’t creating the beautiful art that you do?
Oh, you are sweet! University work occupies most of my time, but when it doesn’t I like watching ‘bad’ TV, listening to podcasts, making mushy food and beading. Time with friends is nice too. I wish I could say reading but it has been some time since that has been the case. 

A lot of the artworks you make are of your friends be they paintings or drawings. Why do you choose to portray these people?
I love them and I don’t mind looking at them for prolonged periods of time and I want to capture their presence in my life! 

There are so many people in Cape Town who love the things you make. How can people get their hands on one of your artworks?
Again, you are very sweet. People can contact me through instagram @shaynaarvan, or they can email me at