“Hey! Is this thing on?”

My first Two Point Oh playlist in 3 months is also about 3 months long, I’m sorry.
It’s an all-encompassing playlist of everything I’ve been listening to in the last 3 months.
It’s quite varied so there should be a bit of something for most people.
It’s more than ten hours long so play it on shuffle if you like.
Here you go:

Albums/long form music

  • Elementality by Mx Blouse
  • Hi, Why is you here? by Flo Milli
  • Untitled (Black Is) by SAULT
  • Wu Hen by Kamaal Williams
  • Forever (Live Sessions) by Men I Trust
  • Legends Never Die by Juice Wrld
  • Superstar by Caroline Rose
  • Mordechai by Khruangbin
  • Family Portrait by Ross From Friends
  • Alfredo by Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist
  • Devotion by Planet 1999
  • Essentials by Erika de Casier
  • Ache of Victory by Zsela
  • Græ by Moses Sumney 
  • To Feel Alive EP by Kali Uchis
  • Starz by Yung Lean
  • Mequetrefe by Arca
  • Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon by Pop Smoke


  • Atlantics 
    Senegalese director Mati Diop’s supernatural romantic drama debut feature is unlike anything you’ve watched.
  • Infernal Affairs
    This movie served as big inspiration for The Departed.
  • The Tale Of Princess Kaguya
    This feels like a form of meditation.
  • Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang
    Inspiring documentary on the iconic Chinese fireworks artist.
  • The Breadwinner
  • LA92
    A look at the 1992 LA riots which was a direct response to the verdict in the Rodney King trial. The documentary consists entirely out of archival news and rare camcorder footage with no talking heads.
  • Queen & Slim
  • Little Women
    Man, I really like Greta Gerwig’s movies.
  • The Last Black Man In San Francisco 
  • See Know Evil
    The story of Davide Sorrenti, the photographer and youth culture icon who between the age of 16 and 19 took the 90s fashion world by storm and shot big campaigns for almost every one. Sorrenti had thalassemia and always knew he would die young. Perhaps that’s why he did so much so quickly. He died at the age of 20. After his death the media blamed him for the controversial ‘heroin chic’ period in fashion. This movie mainly showed on the festival circuit but can be found on Amazon Prime and Vimeo.
  • Before Sunset
    I’ve adored this trilogy from a young age and I’m happy to say it still holds up. The second movie is my favourite and the ending is just an absolute treat.
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service
    Weird how every one forces Kiki, a literal child to do their household chores. The colours in this film are something else (those blues!). Such a charming little movie.
  • Only Yesterday 
    One of Isao Takahata’s best in my opinion. This stunner of a movie feels years ahead of its time.
  • One Last Shot
    A low-budget short film about two best friends who meet up for one last booze-fueled night before one of them moves to Vancouver the next day. Heartwarming gem from the guys behind Trailer Park Boys.
  • Death Proof
    Tarantino’s homage to 70s slasher, exploitation and muscle car films. Think Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! with Kurt Russell as a psychotic stuntman.
  • Synecdoche New York
    Charlie Kaufman’s always been one of my favourite screenwriters: Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Adaptation, Being John Malkovich, etc. and his directorial debut confirmed that he could be one of my favourite directors too. The term auteur seems apt here. This movie is pretty bleak in many ways, but totally worth it. It’s as much a movie about death as it’s about the passing of time and the blurred lines between reality and fiction. 
  • Relaxing old footage with Joe Pera
    22 min of tranquility. Perfect for before bed.
  • The Florida Project
    The colours are super saturated in this one and you won’t be able to look away. This slice of life by director Sean Baker of Tangerine fame follows a six-year-old girl living with her delinquent single mother in a motel n Kissimmee, Florida as they try to stay out of trouble and make ends meet. 
  • No Country For Old Men
    Javier Bardem plays one of cinema’s most iconic bad guys in this Coen Brothers masterpiece.
  • Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen

TV Shows

I’m going to be honest and just say that I’ve really struggled to focus on any TV shows the last while but as an easy but imperfect watch on modern love, Judd Apatow’s (Yes, that silly guy Judd Apatow) Love on Netflix was very addictive and enjoyable. It’s a pity that the third and final season felt so rushed due to it being discontinued.

Galleries are open again. Go check these out:

  • ‘TRIUMPH’ A Solo Exhibition by Lwando Dlamini at Ebony Curated
  • Athi-Patra Ruga’s Interior/Exterior/Dramatis Personae A Saga In Two Parts with WHATIFTHEWORLD
  • ‘Portrait and Place’ Group Exhibition at Blank Projects
  • Latitudesartfair.com
    Latitudes Online Showroom includes a wonderful selection of works by Nabeeha Mohammed, Stephen Allwright and Rosie Mudge via SMITH Studio Fine Art Gallery

Last but not least, Farewell to Good Good Friends Group Exhibition at SMITH 

Thank you Jana Babez and Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose for your input and suggestions.

@jana_babez 💘
@luvuyoequianonyawose 💘

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