Tell us a bit more about who ANY is and how you came about your artist name ANY?
ANY started as an alias that I conceptualised and slowly embraced over (roughly) the last five years. The “I” take on the idea as many things; a philosophy, an identity and a practice. ANY – the word – is an alias with conceptual undertones of authorship which I practice to remove myself from the work and as a means of critiquing the hegemonic cannon of artistic glorification.

What medium do you mainly use to creatively express yourself and what attracted you to this medium?
ANY conceptually liberates me from having an attachment to mediums as any and everything is at my disposal when I execute work. I feel that art should be considered – from the works formal properties to conceptual depth – as these elements synchronise to convey the artist’s message. My message can exist in so many forms but I would like it to exist in the best possible & most appropriate manner to amplify the work’s effectiveness. Therefore, I try not to hold biases towards mediums.

What is your favourite work so far this year?
It has to be Accumulation (2020), which was a series of works that stemmed from my fascination with the idea of accumulation as we are constantly immersed within the interactions between ourselves and objects in relation to space. Accumulation(2020) was an attempt to display accumulation in many different conceptual and physical forms. The series included sculptures, video pieces, expanded paintings and text pieces.

Do you have any hidden dreams that you haven’t shared with anyone?
This is quite an intimate question. ANY reflects an ambiguous stance of openness to the possibilities of what the world can give me. I don’t aspire. I just simply don’t because I feel that this blocks me off from seeing alternative paths. One can get so focussed on vague desires and ends up missing so much. So I guess my dream is to live as ambiguously as possible.

Are you inclined to “build your own empire” or unleash the potential of others?
To do either of those effectively, you need to incorporate both because there is always a dualism involved within the development of any artistic industry. The spectrum between the ideas of empire and individual depend on one another for the complex system of practices to work and I feel that if one builds an empire by unleashing the potential of others, it would be morally beneficial in the grand sense.

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