Nina Barnett, Githan Coopoo, Grace Cross, Io Makandal, Daniel Malan, Bulumko Mbete, Hanna Noor Mahomed, Yolanda Mazwana, Nabeeha Mohamed, Talia Ramkilawan, Guy Simpson, and Sitaara Stodel.

Karoo Naartjies by Daniel Malan, chalk pastel on Fabriano, 80 x 110cm

Please join us for the opening of a group exhibition curated by Grace Cross and Nabeeha Mohamed, that brings together 12 interdisciplinary artists showing sketches alongside their completed works. The interdisciplinary artists showcase a broad range of disciplines from textile, sculpture, painting, video to installation work. The exhibition opens Thursday, 8th October at 5pm within the Mason’s Press complex in Woodstock, and concludes on the 27th October.

Mood in Blue by Nabeeha Mohamed, oil on canvas, 51 x 41cm

‘Kernel’ occupies two gallery spaces; one larger space that displays artists’ finished artworks alongside the original sketch that the artwork sprung from, and one looser, smaller salon that functions as a drawing room for artists’ experimental sketches. 

Untitled by Yolanda Mazwana, digital sketch, 21.5 x 20cm

The show explores the transitional space that occurs in the artist’s studio between idea and artwork. The quick dotted line that marks the pathway, shown shoulder-to-shoulder to the real thing. The sketch (be that post-it note with three words etched into it, maquette for a sculpture, or a snatched piece of paper composing hastily drawn figures) is an urgent and necessary pathway for something to emerge. It’s these kinds of deceptively small ideas that flutter, smolder and leap us into the fully flamed world.

Untitled by Nabeeha Mohamed, fine liner and pencil crayon on paper, 26 x 18cm

‘Kernel’ is an expansion of the private studio into the gallery space, from small to big, kernel to whole, seed to plant. This is the place from which artist’s make; sketching the thing that is almost, until it is. Where they prepare the terrain and water the seeds for fertile ideas to grow. Sometimes the most nourishing part of an idea is the soft teething ground where those small milk teeth begin to protrude, before we masticate, swallow, and digest it.

Atlas sketch by Grace and Goldie, pastel and pencil on paper, 42 x 30cm

After so long of living virtually, through these long hard months of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Kernel’ displays materiality, normally witnessed within the artist’s studio walls, publicly, as a celebration of the wellspring of inventiveness. The salon drawing atelier provides an opportunity for people to physically page through artists sketches in the flesh after so long of not being able to.

Self Portrait 1, Green by Githan Coopoo, clay and acrylic, 10 x 9.5cm

The artists featured in this exhibition bring a tender reflection on the toll the pandemic has exacerbated within our society. The diverse practices of each artist intersect with different forms of activism which oppose gender-based-violence, transphobia, homophobia, climate change, and structural racism. The artists would like to use the exhibition as a vehicle to support communities in need and continue their commitment to social justice. 

Have we met before? by Guy Simpson, acrylic, oil and colour pencil on MDF, Sapele (stand) 94.4 x 75 x 11cm

As such 10% of all sales from the exhibition support a charity of each artist’s choice. We are supporting the foundations, Equal EducationFemme ProjectsThe Frida Hartley ShelterGrace Vision, Kheti’s Foundation, The Mal FoundationProject DignityRape Crisis Cape TownThe Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women, and The Scalabrini Centre.

Horizon III by Lo Makandal, Mixed media on Fabriano, 28.6 x 34.2cm

Please join us for a walkabout, led by the curator’s Grace Cross, Nabeeha Mohamed and Pammi-Joy Oppenehimer, on Saturday, 24th October at 11am. 

Viewing by appointment only. Contact Pammi-Joy,, for enquiries and requests for the separate exhibition drawing-room catalogue. 

Atlas is a Woman (cheek to cheek) by Grace Cross, oil on canvas, 121 x 112cm
The trauma, and the gayness and the mental illness by Talia Ramkilawan, hessian and wool, 56 x 58cm