Photography: Paul Cocks
Styling: Mandy Nash
Hair and Make Up: Gareth Coleman using Mac Cosmetics represented by Hero Creative Management

Who is Luh’ra in a nutshell?
I’m a sensitive person. I appreciate kindness and honesty. All traits which are often overlooked by society and seen as weaknesses. I like to see strength in vulnerability and find ways to express that so that others can do the same. 

I’m a sensitive person. I appreciate kindness and honesty. All traits which are often overlooked by society and seen as weaknesses.


What triggered you to make the move and pursue music full time and how has the journey been?
It’s difficult to pursue a career purely from music in South Africa, especially when you are not a trained musician, like me. Most musicians do multiple jobs. I’m passionate about a lot and dive into things with my whole heart but ofen then have to take a step back to refocus. My creative interests and hustles before and during my musical career have always been broad. I’ve found myself in various creative industries – contemporary art, architecture, fashion, food. Each step of the journey has been a valuable learning experience but in the end it all comes together and makes me the artist and person that I am. 

Are you happier now?
Happiness is always temporary, it just happens to be one of the most sought after emotions. I’m learning to embrace all emotions, good or bad, as a valuable part of the human experience. It’s not always easy being honest with yourself in pursuit of your dreams and admitting the things you want but those fleeting moments when things click and feel right are well worth it. 

Favourite concert to date? (Our personal favourite Luh’ra concert was for sure your livestream via Aloe Aloe during complete lockdown hosted FROM YOUR SHOWER!!!)
(laughs) That was an interesting experience as my first livestream. Reflecting on my favourite performance in a time when performing to a crowd has become so rare, it’s difficult to choose because all those memories now feel so precious. A forever favourite would have to be at the aquarium. 

What were your dreams before corona?
I was really hoping to travel with my music this year – locally or abroad. I guess in some ways I did achieve that virtually, doing livestreams on various platforms in different cities and continents. Nothing really compares to connecting to live audiences though.

What are your dreams now that corona is slowly semi under control again?
I would like to play some shows outside. Listening to music in the sun has always been the most enjoyable for me and that is how I would like to share my music. With the virtual horizons having expanded so drastically this year, I am happy and open to the fact that sharing music can come in many shapes and forms now. Sharing music is always the goal. 

You are a true romantic! We have loved seeing you speak about your crushes on instagram. What would your ideal date be made up of?
Honestly, I do live my life in an unnecessarily romantic way and I expect to be treated like that, I can’t help it! I love a day filled with multiple spontaneous destinations. Food is an NB, nature, music or art are a plus. If that’s not your vibe, I am happy to go alone. But, genuine connection is a most special special part of life. 

If you could change something in the music industry what would that be?
I find it difficult to accept that success and fame as an artist need to go hand in hand. It is a profession. I’d love to find a middle ground of being able to work as a musician and live a comfortable life without having to strive for fame as the standard of success. I know this is something that a lot of artists struggle with and I think with more support eg. grants and support from the government, this could be a possibility. Unfortunately we know that is not the reality of creating in SA so we will work hard and build as we go. 

What can we expect from Luh’ra in the future?
I have been working on a new recorded project. It’s been a slow process for me working towards a recorded sound that I can be happy with. I’ve worked with various producers but making music like that doesn’t sit right with me. right now. Maybe my expression will change but for now I make music with my guitar and with other musicians live and that is how I want my recorded music to sound and feel. I’m really happy with how the process has been and for the first time I am genuinely excited to share my music. I don’t want to set a date yet but it is coming!