Okay I can’t write this in bio form but here is the history of the song and a bit more along the way.

In February 2020 I proposed starting a new band to a group of my dear friends. We’d been playing together in jazz ensembles and various pop bands for a while at this stage. In this proposal I had 3 compositions to offer to start off with, of which Not Enough was a part of. Then of course the lockdown happened and we had to put the project on hold after about 5 rehearsals, and one failed attempt to record the songs live. 

Fast forward to December of that year, we had been lucky enough to perform about 6 small shows from late October and through November, and as the possibility of shows started to retract again, we decided to holster the momentum and commit it to tape, so we booked a day in the studio and smashed out 7 tunes in 5 hours. 

Not Enough is a difficult tune to draw parallels from in my head – it, along with all of the music we write, is drawing from many different inspirations. General band inspirations that one might not pick up from our sound, are modern bands like Homeshake, Crumb, Mild High Club. We naturally lean towards a style of play that lets us improvise, and one will find a boat load of solos and improvisations throughout the album. This is distinctly drawn from our shared admiration, study, and adoration for Jazz music. 

If we could choose, which I suppose we can, we’d align with a sort of indie-dream-pop categorization.