I’ve gone through life collecting some of my favourite people online – this collaboration was no different. MISSU and MM™ – an Instagram DM that grew into a certified bop.

Almost a year ago to date, MISSU dropped me a link to a ‘cute pop thing’ he’d been working on and that was it. The 45 seconds of PC music inspired sounds got me screaming. I was ready. His ability to make a soundscape to get lost in scared me and we spent a good 8 months moulding it to where it is today. 

Recording across the internet and meeting for the first time, once our national lockdown had lifted, 6 months in. We continued to shape the track with the same vision to make people move. 

The juxtaposition of our worlds gave birth to a track that feels like what would happen if Troye Sivan, Charli XCX and Loona had a baby. This is a happy song, here to bring the best out of people’.  

– Martin Magner™

Creative Direction: Martin Magner™
Music production: MISSU
Vocals: Martin Magner™
Director: Nelis Botha + Martin Magner™
DOP: Nelis Botha
Edit: Martin Magner™
Grade: Kyle Stroebel
Production: Maddie Magner
Hair: Salomé de Wet
Beauty: Robyn Newham
Stylist: Mavuso Mbutuma
Lighting assistant: Roxanne Lindenberg
Photographer: Hana Sho