Photography: Keith Virgo
Woollen Jersey: Mi, Keith Virgo
Creative direction: Luh’ra and Keith Virgo
Muse: Yui of Wandida Boutique
HMU: Luh’ra 
Set Design: Luh’ra

Keith and Luh’ra have been collaborating in many mediums for a while now but we are happy and excited about how this shoot turned out. Keith agreed to knit Yui (of Wanida Boutique) a jersey. He started handknitting a few woolen items during lockdown last year and there have been various requests and inspirations for different sorts of pieces along the way. His main colour pallet has ventured into quite a neutral tone despite the pieces having quite a fun flair. Working with Yui who exudes fun in every way, Keith and Luh’ra really wanted to tap into the fun and adventurous side of neutral tones using different props, statement pieces and playing with styling of hair and make-up.