Broken Telephone (solo project of PXLS frontman Neil Büchner Jnr) recently released his second single and directorial debut in the form of an introspective Hi8 visual poem about dreams. 

The video was influenced by the ‘Sweded’ videos Michel Gondry made during the ‘Be Kind Rewind’ era as well as Charlotte Patmore’s recent music video work and takes the viewer on a journey through Europe and the Eastern and Western Cape of South Africa.

It starts with a description of a dream he had, which segues into an existentialist poem, backed by stark direct VHS visual comparisons to every line uttered. According to the artist the poem is an attempt at interpreting the aforementioned dream and a mediation on dreams at large. 

The poem is backed by an experimental glitch-y ambient instrumental, reminiscent of Brian Eno and Aphex Twin, which is quite a contrast when compared to the energetic Glitch Pop of debut single ‘HR’.

Said to be the second in a series of diverse releases, only time will tell what future releases from the elusive artist will deliver.

Broken Telephone Bio
Drawing influence from a wide range of genres including Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Ambient, Post Punk and Noise; Broken Telephone is the left field electronic solo project of Cape Town-born musician Neil Büchner Jnr.

Image by Michael Oliver Love
Image by Michael Oliver Love