A surrealist take on losing freedom in the heart of a dream. Shot in the Tankwa Karoo, Simon’s Town, and Tokai, the project visualises one’s personal struggles to be open and to let go. Through a series of vignettes, the video interrogates the notion of inner peace, and the comfort one finds in it. As simple as that pursuit sounds, it can twist and churn us up, ultimately spitting out a stronger and more fearless person, unrecognisable to the past.

‘From Within’, with its post-punk soundscape and Ines Soutschka’s haunting vocal performance, takes a darker look into self-destructive behaviour. The lyrics explore to what extent we all control that destruction or blame it on an external force or person. Digging deeper, the lyrics consider to what extent we often wish for an external force or person to help us control the destruction, when we are not able to.

Directed by: Ines Soutschka & Warren Fisher
Director of Photography: Barry De Villiers
American Quarter Horse: Bronco “Bee” Bitsy Dee
Horse Wrangler: Gisela Marnewecke
German Shepherd: Koba
Dog Wrangler: Jannes Kruger
Art Department Assistant & Pyrotechnician: Paul Grose

Holograph would like to thank:
Deon Joubert & Chantel Nel at Karoo Tented Camps
Germaine Horowitz
Yann Horowitz
Mich Mellow
Anthony Shapiro
James Kennedy
Mellissa Hill
Finn Marnewecke

Holograph is made up of:
Warren Fisher
Ines Soutschka
Desmond Kannemeyer
Calvin Siderfin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holographband
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holographband