Released on November 12th 2021, the track originated when the band travelled to the small town ‘Heidelberg’ along the Garden Route to work on their new album. When the band took a lunch break and visited the local restaurant, they were given little to no choice when the owner insisted they try the Eisbein. Served together with the dish, was a quick history lesson about how during the medieval times, people used to sharpen the eisbein bone and strap it to their feet, using it as an ice skate. Heading back to rehearsal, the spirit of the eisbein had influenced the writing of a new song and the rest was history. 

Steering away from conventional rock, Yndian Mynah is not bound by language or genre, and focuses on creating music that is left wide open for personal interpretation. Listeners can expect dynamic guitar-driven riffs and explosive drumming led by spontaneous structural changes, with a tendency for heavy breakdowns and momentary euphoria. Their sound can be described as post-rock music with hints of dreamy psychedelia, post-punk and prog rock that vacillate between explosive edges and nostalgic narratives. Influenced by DIY culture, the band started off by playing tightly packed intimate floor shows and quickly elevated to festival stages.