Two Point Oh is a digital showcase for creatives with a focus on process, collaboration and community. 

Two Point Oh is people-driven: as a supportive community for those whose work is always developing, we believe in collaboration over competition. 

By showing work under construction, we provide insight into the often-undervalued artistic process – an integral part of what’s completed, which remains with and underpins the finished product. In a digital age, perfection and the end product are often prioritised over the multi-layered organic growth that is built into what a piece becomes. Tactile materials, visual journals, mood boards and works-in-progress are sources of fascination to a wider audience precisely because of their contrast with completed work: the unfinished, unpolished essence of what separates art. 

Two Point Oh believes that belonging needn’t stand in opposition to individual identity, and that positive growth should be a by-product of community encouragement – not a cause for exclusion from a subculture. Surfacing the work of an artist means inspiration and encouragement for more creatives in turn – not a dilution of that artist’s value. 

Community isn’t just about subcultures: it’s about building the links between discrete communities that lead to a strong creative network.